View Full Version : Corpseball redux

07-07-2004, 11:40 PM
Where are the grinders? Where is the small ball we were promised. Same old crap, lots of offense one day the next day we make a pitcher look like Cy Young.

All we have is a bunch of guys trying to hit home runs every time they get up.
We are getting back to pull only baseball. Hitters dropping their back shoulders and trying to elevate every pitch. Pulling everything. All you get out of it is either feast or famine. Tonight we get a lot lazy fly balls and warning track power. If you watch every average pitcher we have made look like cy young this year they have done the same thing. They spot the fastball away and throw their breaking pitch for strikes. We roll our wrists over on the outside pitch trying to pull it or pop it up. Our hitters should go with what the pitcher is offering. The first time through the lineup yes you can have problems. But watching our hitters not adjust and pop up pitch after pitch is frustrating.

Here is a novel idea.

Going with the what the pitcher offers

Go with the pitch away and hit it to the opposite field. Keep your shoulder level and try and hit a line drive instead of a long homer. Uribe went from looking like a stud to a dud because of going from hitting to all fields to trying to pull the ball only.

Making contact in key situations.

How many times have we had runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out and we have guys trying to murder the ball instead of making contact and getting the runners in. Too many people trying to murder the ball instead of playing baseball. Watching hitters strikeout is one thing. Watching hitters strikeout and seeing their heads up and not looking at where the ball is is a lack of fundamentals.

Von Joshua, Gary Ward, Greg Walker and we still have corpseball.