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06-25-2004, 02:12 AM
We here at WSI expend a lot more of our vitriol against the Cubs than we do against the Twins. Sure, we have the occasional Twins in-game thread. But the participation level is miniscule compared to anything with the Cubs. With the upcoming Sox-Cubs series it's not surprising the attention to the Chicago rivalry has heated up. But to be honest I'm a lot more interested in the trip to the Metrodome next week than I am about the Sox-Cubs series. Now don't get me wrong. I despise the Cubs. I root for the Cardinals, Astros and Reds every day. Steve Bartman is my hero. Living up in Evanston I see a TON of Cubby idiocy, from the local drug stores with their Cub merchandise to the fratboys on campus. I get as riled up about the attention to Cubdom as anyone else. But in the end I care a lot more about the divisional race against the Twins than I do about the intra-city rivalry with the Cubs. I'm more interested in the Sox getting to the post-season and winning than I am about winning the season series against the Cubs - except for the fact that it's six games on the schedule. Sweeping the Cubs 6-0 wouldn't do much to answer my hatred of the Cubs. But winning the division, making it to the World Series, and winning the World Series, would mean a lot more in the Sox-Cub rivalry than winning 4 out of 6 in June and July. The roadblock is Minnesota. That's the team I'm more interested in seeing lose.

06-25-2004, 04:40 AM
I understand what you mean, and you're right, to get into the playoffs we gotta win the Central Division.

But, those six games may be the difference between our winning or losing out to the Twins. Those games count, and not just between the Sox and Cubs fans. I have looked at the upcoming nine games as important, maybe the most important, in the mid season.

Six games against a very good Cub staff, and three games in the baggy bowl.

As far as emotion goes, the Sox/Cubs thing has been building for a while...ever since Charles Comiskey took the name White Stockings and applied it to his new American League franchise. That was a slap in the face to all of the west sider fans and their team.

The Twins are important to us this year, the Cubs are a pain to us every day.