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06-21-2004, 06:37 PM
I read the following at this link:


Last year, Williams watched his No. 5 starters combine to go 3-11 with a 6.75 ERA. The Sox ended up losing the American League Central Division to the Minnesota Twins by four games.

After LHP Arnie Munoz was hammered in his major-league debut on Saturday (June 19) -- 17-14 loss to Montreal -- Chicago's No. 5 starters were a combined 0-8 with an 11.97 ERA in 2004.

That's a 3-19 record and 7.92 ERA from fifth starters going back to last season.

"I don't think, even in my nightmares, I could come up with this," Williams said about his No. 5 situation after the loss.

3-19!!! 7.92 ERA!!! It is amazing our Minor Leagues haven't produced more than that. Really.

Says Guillen:

Said Guillen: "It's hard to believe that I've spent three months of my life looking for a major-league pitcher. I'm not kissing Kenny's butt, but I know he's trying to get something done."

No Kidding!