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06-21-2004, 09:08 AM
Well I made it back from my south Florida trip to see the sox. Aside from the two loses I saw the trip was great. I was vastly surprised the game against Pavano ended they way it did. I was sitting right behind home plate and Pavano must have thrown 80% fastballs. He and Schoeney both seemed to be pretty straight forward pitchers, nothing tricky. Fastball, slider, change, and a specialty 4th pitch like a cutter. I cant believe the sox didn’t beat up on Pavano’s fastball 90-93 mph. I guess the difference in the game was shoeney walked a couple guys and pavano didn’t. Walks are killer, especially when you have a tough time overcoming them like scott. I was there for sox BP before the game and saw a lot of interesting things. I saw oz and KW having a convo on the field for about 15 min and I heard them mention “koch”. And then he was traded, hmmm. Also there was so many distractions no wonder they lost 2 of 3. I talked with ozzies son for a min or two and some of credes friends. They were all talking about what they were going to do after the game. There was so many friends and family and media it was like a circus. Everyone talking about meeting up after the game and plans and ya da da, distractions!!

The marlins experience in my opinion is underrated. I went to three games down there. The last 2 against the sox, and the 1st one against texas. The ballpark is actually pretty nice and under-appreiated. Its got the whole sharp angles thing and assymetrical outfield. Its pretty neat. The prices are pretty good too. It cost $28 for the best seats in the house right behind home, and $10 to park. The food is good too. They have this “wings” place where you can get like chicken fingers served on top of those harry carries’ like chips, yummmm. The marlins fans were pretty good people. I admit as many think a lot of them are not English speaking Americans, but nevertheless a lot of them very good fans. They were all into the games, with signs and banners, yelling at their favorite players. Even the kids and girls knew a lot about the team. They have a relatively small attendance problem as well. About 15 to 20k there every night, not bad, but with a stadium that hold 60k its looks a little strange. Nevertheless it was a blast, and if the marlins get 12 hits then everyones ticket is worth a free dozen krispey kremes in the next 24 hours, awesome, cuz they did it last wed.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, they have these Marlin cheerleaders who come out and dance around on top of the dugouts during the game and do pregame stuff as well. They come around during the innings and sit with you and take pictures, now that’s marketing.

06-21-2004, 09:25 AM
Sounds like a real good time. I've always liked watching the Marlins play...although not in person unfortunately.