View Full Version : Where's Arnie?

06-18-2004, 04:39 PM
So I take my 2004 Sox Media Guide off the shelf to see what I can learn about tomorrow's starter, Arnie Munoz. Poor Arnie, they completely left him out. Skipped him entirely. The other 38 players each have a detailed profile and a picture, as do all the spring training invitees. There are thumbnails on every player in our minor league system. But nothing on Arnie.

Actually, I think the guys who put the Guide together do a very good job. There are more features each year, and corrections are generally made when submitted. But I've never seen them just drop a player like this. I hope little Arnie doesn't take this personally.


06-18-2004, 04:48 PM
Just as long as he takes his anger out on the Expos...

A. Cavatica
06-18-2004, 05:30 PM
The Barons Media Guide is available at their web site (www.barons.com (http://www.barons.com)) and is really well done for a minor league team.

The Cheat
06-18-2004, 06:10 PM
Sounds alot like when another kid was going good down on the farm. He put up good numbers, but wasn't that highly touted, and others were given the chance ahead of him. He came up, got one rookie of the year vote. A fellow rookie teammate finished ahead of him.

That player was Magglio Ordonez. The player who finished ahead of him in ROY voting was Mike Caruso. --

I'll take the underhyped latin player over the the Over-hyped Uber-prospect anyday.

06-18-2004, 06:11 PM
Don't forget Mark Buehrle, who basically came out of nowhere in 2000 before becoming the "ace" in 2001.

I could live with that.