View Full Version : Forget Beltran Already!

06-12-2004, 03:46 PM
Look guys, as great as it would be to get Beltran....Its not going to happen for a number of reason. First of all, whoever trades for him is going to have to give up a lot. His price will go down the longer it takes to make a deal, but no one will pull the string on this deal unless they have a substantial chance at resigning him in the offseason. The Sox do not fit into this category for a few reasons. First of all, Boras is his agent and the guys a complete bastard. Regardless of where he ends up and how happy he is, Boras will parade him around in the offseason to drive his price up. Vlad Guerrero type money is likely. I bet he ends up in Anaheim, NYY, or Boston.

Next, we need pitching. We can live and die with the lineup we have, and if we werent without Maggs we wouldnt be on the slide we're on right now. A few clutch hits here and there by Maggs and we win a couple more games out west and maybe win the second game against the Phillies and last nights game. I know he's not superman, but our LOB is pitiful with him out of the lineup, and the law of averages tells us that Maggs is due for a hit 30% of the time.

The second Freddy Garcia (or any star caliber pitcher) comes over here, I thing we should all give up on the Beltran what ifs.