View Full Version : Thoughts on the first 1/3 of the season....

06-07-2004, 06:25 PM
Okay, the season is officially one-third of the way over. We've seen a lot of good from this team, an we've seen a lot of areas that need improvements....

1) The infamous 5th starter problem: I have no doubt in my mind that Freddy Garcia will be in a White Sox jersey in the next month or so, it's just the matter of getting the deal done. Ozzie and Freddy are both from Venezuela, and although its ultimately up to the GMs, this should increase the likelihood of Freddy coming here, especially coupled with the fact that we supposedly have the most to offer. Anyway, its safe to assume that KW will pull the trigger on this deal ASAP.

2) Koch, Koch, Koch: He needs to go. This cannot continue. He blew a nationally televised save opportunity, and did it in grand fashion walking in the win (albeit with Sopranos and the NBA game, not many people were watching outside the Chicago/Seattle market). Also, I feel that Ozzie left him out there to clean up his mess for a reason. Once the save was blown, and the bags were sacked, Ozzie let Koch blow his last save for awhile. A set-up man/ closer combo of Shingo and Marte is inevitable, and Shingo has been a closer for years in the Japan league, so getting that "closer mentality" that Ozzie and other managers speak of should be no problem at all. Also, its foolish to assume that they'll keep Koch because he's making so much money. KW, Ozzie, and especially Reinsdorf are not morons. They'd rather win and pay someone to sit on the bench than lose and make a guy work for his money (and in the process, blow the game). Another closer possibility is Eddie Guardado, but the demand will be high and I dont think KW will have the go ahead to pick up a hefty pitching contract. Also, guardados blown 4 saves, despite a stellar ERA.

3) Magglio: I think everyone would agree that we would have one more than one game on this 5 game trip had Magglio been in the lineup, and the reason is simple. 79 runners were left on base. of those 79, 28 were left on base by the 3-4-5 hitters. All of the games we lost were winnable, and we didnt lose one by more than 2 runs. We just missed too many opportunities for big hits, and that had a lot to do with our proven 100 RBI guy being out. We need him back, and in the meantime, we need everyone to step up. Crede has to pick his average up, Juan needs to get back to hitting the ball like he did in May, and despite a wonderful hitting streak, Carlos needs to get his power back so we can generate more runs from the top of the order getting on base.

All in all, Im pleased with the way we've played thus far, and think that if we can solve the two pitching problems and get a healthy Magglio back in 4 weeks (hopefully not the 7 at the high end), we could run away with this division. Also, I think picking up a left handed bat would benefit us in late inning pinch hit situations. We can all dream, and I'd like to get Carlos Beltran who would probably take the money in the offseason that Magglio is rumored to be turning down, but I dont see that happening unfortunatley.