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06-07-2004, 12:18 PM
June 7

Make no mistake, the Chicago White Sox are very good. Their starting pitching has been in the top three in ERA, the staff is third in the league behind Boston and Oakland in lowest OPS allowed -- a good measure of stuff -- and they have done it without a fifth starter. In fact, they haven't had a win out of the fifth starter spot since 2002. And to make their place atop the Central more remarkable, they cannot win on the West Coast; Sunday night's loss in Seattle was their 37th in their last 45 West Coast games.

So Ken Williams continues to walk the floor for another starter. Williams, like Brian Cashman, Theo Epstein and others, was told by Mariners GM Bill Bavasi that he wants to wait a couple of more weeks before he starts taking bids on Freddy Garcia. Williams has talked to the Expos about Tomo Ohka, as have the Yankees. "Unfortunately I'm not very patient," says Williams.

One young player who is not available in a deal is Joe Borchard. "No way will I trade him," says Williams of the former Stanford quarterback who has begun to put it together in Triple-A and is on a tear that included five homers and 13 RBI in a nine-game stretch through Friday. "It took him time to learn that baseball is different from football because it's a game of controlled aggression," says Williams. "Joe is very intense, but he has made great strides. He's going to be an exception player in time."

Williams asked Ozzie Guillen if he wanted Borchard or Jeremy Reed to be brought up to replace Magglio Ordonez. "Ozzie said no, that he wants to give the playing time to bench guys who have been contributing," says Williams, meaning Aaron Rowand, Ross Gload and Timo Perez. "He feels that with additional playing time, when Magglio comes back, they will be that much sharper."

He STILL hasn't checked his facts on that 5th starter 2002 thing, but a couple interesting things here. First, looks like we'll have to wait another couple of weeks at the minimum before Freddie could come here. Two, Tomo Okha? He's 3-5 with a 3.13 ERA with the Expos so far this season, that could be an interesting option. Three, I was disappointed to hear Ozzie does not want Borchard or Reed to come up to play RF every day. But, if Magglio's only out for a couple weeks (although knowing Maggs and his low pain tolerance, I think it will be more), going with Gload/Perez/Rowand could pay dividends down the road when those guys will be sharp off the bench. But if the O continues to sputter, you really have to consider Borchard or Reed.