View Full Version : Going Through the Motions Again

Viva Magglio
09-18-2001, 10:37 PM
The White Sox conducted an inspiring pregame ceremony. The ballpark was filled with electricity with fans holding their little flags up high. The biggest ovations came when the police and fire personnel took the infield. It proved to be the best part of tonight's game.

With the obvious exception of Ray Durham's antics in the bottom of the sixth inning, our players generally went through the motions tonight. That made me furious. It has been a consistent pattern throughout the season. I don't care if we are in the playoff race or not; I do not tolerate lackluster play. The key offender in my opinion was Jerry Manuel.

The hell with the injuries; the hell with the young pitching; the hell with the bad defesne. The No. 1 reason this season why we are not a playoff team is because we were too often not mentally prepared to play. You show me a team that consistenly goes through the motions, and I'll show you a team that needs a new manager.

When Jeff Liefer was out on a play at first base in which he appeared safe (from my view in the right field stands), Manuel just went to the top step of the dugout and sat back down. I thought he should have at least talked to Mike Winters for a clarificaiton. And during that bottom of the sixth, Manuel showed little emotion. Especially after the Liefer play, Manuel should have gotten himself tossed to protect Durham and Gary Pettis. He did that during that game against the Cubs when Sammy Sosa whined his way onto first base claiming a HBP. Yet, our manager looked tonight like he was emotionlessly chit-chatting with Winters.

09-19-2001, 05:45 AM
Yank tv announcers mentioned that the sox are one of the few teams that don't want to make up last week's games. I guess finishing 2nd isn't important. The desire on this team is nonexistant.