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05-30-2004, 08:41 PM
SOX lose a lot of ground in the Sun-Times today, but some very interesting articles in the Paper today. 2 articles today describing how SAMMYS aura is OK despite the corking incident.
The 1 article that is particularly INCENSING, is the one in which writer Says that everyone has been cheating at some point, and
In a Kiley-esque manner, describes the fact that Miguel Olivo in 2001 was also busted for corking a bat, in a feigned attempt at Planting evidence against the SOX. He then conveniently moved on to other Subjects.

Carol Sleazak deserves VERY HIGH credit for writing another hard-hitting piece detailing yet ANother Brawl near the "friendly confines". She mentions in a timely way that the MEDIA continues to ignore the very growing cub-fan violence in the area, and that too little has been made of trying to fix the problem. Excellent piece. Yet another Brawl with Police Action not covered by the media .............I wonder why.

4 cub stories
3 sox stories
7 cub stories
5 sox stories

Standings since Spring Training ...................................

CUBS 768
SOX 531