View Full Version : Email i sent to Mariotti, about Tuesday Fights

05-27-2004, 11:18 AM
I was there on tuesday night Jay, and yes there were a lot of fights and it was annoying. These half prices tuesday's seem to be young people come with your group nights. A lot of the groups had cub fans with them, who did yes taunt everyone and instage chants which fueled by booze turned into fights. Now i am one of young people, but i didn't come with a frat/sorority for a frat party, IE the wrigley experience. However the real issue here is why is this happening. The price between a half price ticket and a full price ticket is so great its attracting different crowds when the prices are different. What if instead of $24 to sit in right field its $12 once a week. Well then all of a sudden your inviting poeple with not as much money to come to the game while making sure not very many Sox Fans (blue collar working class) can afford to go normally. You are trying to fill teh stadium consistently with people who want to be there and enjoy the game. Imagine the price of the ticket always at $16 or $18 everyday. Then I, a college student wouldn't be saying i can only go Tuesdays. I would want to go as much as i can, not just half price nights. And the same is true for many fans. You would get more fans and families out there everyday, than a mini frat/sorority rush event every tuesday. Granted its more alive when they are 22k young people than 15 k norms. However if the prices were set where normal Sox Fans, both young and old could afford to go everyday and not break the bank the attendance would be a lot more consistent with much better crowds. Maybe half price night wouldn't even be needed to break 20k???

I also called in today to talk about the column in the sun times on JR. I am always Joe(y) from Flossmoor.