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05-27-2004, 12:39 AM
Just took a look at the AS Ballot and saw the competition that Frank has at first base. Man it's awful. He has the most home runs, is 3rd behind Delgado and Sweeney in RBI, and get this, third in average behind Hatteberg and Martinez.

It amazes me living in PA and watching national shows, how little exposure he gets. I mean a vast majority of the time the Chisox are discussed they talk about how underrated Maggs. At this point, it's official Maggs is no longer underrated. When they talk about how underrated you are for an extended period of time, your underrated tag is removed, ha.

Anyone, they thankfully restrict you to 25 votes online. However, my concern is yet again Frank will get screwed by the voting. I understand baseball wants to expand their fan base but by now allowing fans in Japan AND spanish speaking countries to vote it will jepardize some players. Personally, it's an outright joke that Ichiro and Matsui will likely start the All Star game. Despite his lousy start, I am willing to bet Delgado likely will get the nod at 1st b/c of the spanish vote.

I know many will say the game is for the fans, but when players resumes are examined by All Star appearances, the selection of players is not. So, any plans of attacks for getting Frank in? I know it's early but generally voting is done in a month.

05-27-2004, 01:40 AM
Vote for Frank!!!