View Full Version : Random Thought from Tuesday Nite Game

05-13-2004, 09:09 AM
my friend reminded me of this incident last nite, it was Pretty Hilarious for her, and definitely gave her some Insight into the Stupidity that involves being a Cub Fan. We were walking down Shields at 33rd, with the line of cars exiting the Parking Lot to our left. A car full of Cub Fans (4 in the car) Cubbie flag hanging out, yells out
the window "Sox still Suck" I immediately countered with
"yeah.....whos in 1st Place?" .......there was a quick moment of silence when they yelled back " Yeah......but were going to the World Series". I laughed and said ......."Your team hasnt won 2 yrs in a Row since Nixon was in Office!!" there was stunned silence........and the car quietly rolled north. My friend, who is a Cardinal fan, laughed and said "man, they didnt have a comeback for that did they?"