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09-13-2001, 10:09 PM

Manuel: Fewer than 162 OK

Reduced schedule enough to choose champion, he says

Baseball is adding a week to the season to make up games postponed because of Tuesday's terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C., but White Sox manager Jerry Manuel believes the games simply should be canceled.

After a three-game series in Kansas City ending Sept. 30, the Sox will play the Yankees in a three-game series in New York, followed by a three-game season-ending series in Minnesota.

"With the schedule being what it is, it's unfortunate for people in close races [who] say they need these games, but I think we've played enough games to determine who are champions and who aren't," Manuel said.

"We'd like to play all the games on the schedule, but because of what has happened, [cancellation is] something we can accept. I think 157 ballgames should be enough to determine who is a champion. I would wipe them out and continue next week if they're headed toward some closure."

White Sox general manager Ken Williams said he "fully supported" baseball's decision to postpone this weekend's games and politely disagreed with his manager's position on making them up.

"Our players, myself and the staff still feel some of the shock and feelings of being right in the middle of it," Williams said. "Obviously there hasn't been anything of this magnitude before, but after other tragic events in American history sports was looked upon as a necessary part of the healing process, to give people something else to divert their attention, even if it's an hour or two or three. We have to be mindful of what the public wants."

But Manuel doesn't believe the public is ready for sports and said playing games will not give anyone a sense of normalcy after the tragic events of Tuesday.

"I know people say, 'Well, you need to get your mind off it,'" Manuel said. "Our minds are not off it, and I think we need to take this weekend off and see if there's anything the industry can do, or that our our team can do, like set up blood banks. These are the things we need to be doing. We should make Comiskey Park a hub for a blood bank and do whatever we need to do."

If the games have to be made up, Manuel said he would prefer a series of doubleheaders next week. Manuel was a coach with Montreal in May 1992 when an Expos-Dodgers series in Los Angeles was postponed because of rioting that followed the verdict in the Rodney King trial.

"We were wiped out of the three games at that time and came back and played six games in three days," Manuel said. "With the amount of personnel you have right now, that's something that's feasible if you think it's necessary to play 162 games. I think that if the teams have played as well as they've played over this period, and with respect to what's happening in New York, [the season has] been long enough."

Most of the Sox players supported postponing the games in Minnesota, saying the time isn't right to resume playing.

"They're still counting bodies out there," Sandy Alomar Jr. said. "Just stop playing out of respect, so they know they have our support, to give them time for mourning. It's chaos.

"This involves everyone. I know it's a free country and a strong country and you want to play so you show people you're not afraid. But you also have to have respect for the people who lost their families and the people who are working so hard trying to find [the missing]. It's hard for people to concentrate on baseball, and for us to think that it's important."

"It would be kind of weird," teammate Sean Lowe said. "I just don't see people going to the games and being into it at all. Like today we come in here and we're going to stand around and watch TV. Baseball is really not on your mind, other than to get a workout in and get your body moving after riding on that bus for so long."

Although everyone looked forward to getting out of New York, Paul Konerko said he had no problem returning there in early October to make up the three postponed games.

"If the Yankees are willing to play and Major League Baseball says we'll play, we'll do it," he said.

"Something like this could happen anywhere. If someone really wants to do something, it could get done. No one ever really thought of it until now, but that risk has always been there."

09-13-2001, 11:17 PM
if manual were 1 or 2 games out, he'd have kept his big mouth shut!
does anyone doubt that?

09-13-2001, 11:22 PM
Originally posted by idseer
if manual were 1 or 2 games out, he'd have kept his big mouth shut!
does anyone doubt that?

Not me

09-14-2001, 02:01 AM
He doesn't want to make those games up?
Him saying that he would rather play 6 games in three days is just ridicules. That would put to much strain on the players so late in the season. Its hard enough to play one double header.

But it is going to be weird when play resumes. Other things will be on their minds besides baseball.

God Bless America