View Full Version : Fifth Starter

05-10-2004, 01:19 PM
I hear a lot of concern in the fifth starter position, and i'm a bit curious. I know because of off days, we don't need a fifth for about a week, and Ozzie said it wouldn't be Cotts, yet. In this scenario i gotta trust the decision that will be made. We have plenty of potential solid fifth starters in the organization, felix diaz, grili..... i think sometimes you have to have faith that the powers that be will make the best decision for the job.

To those of you who are more familiar with the farm system, who do you think should have the job?.....do we really need to make a trade?......

05-10-2004, 01:40 PM
Kinda curious as to what most people on the board think...but I'm one of those people that think you should have a 5th starter at this point of the year to avoid the "dead-arm" that I definately think Loiaza has right now. I'd love to see Diaz up right now. Grilli just plain scares me and should stay where he is. I'm so friggin' sick of the fact that every team the Sox face seem to bring up a pitcher nobody's heard of to make his debut against the Sox and they make him look like a 10-year veteran all-star. Bring Diaz up!!!

Also...at this point in the year...a trade really isn't viable.