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09-13-2001, 06:41 PM
No baseball this weekend
The postponed games will be rescheduled for the week of Oct. 1.

By Ronald Blum
Associated Press
September 13, 2001 3:06 PM CDT
Major League Baseball has postponed all games through Sunday and will resume play the following day.

Commissioner Bud Selig said all players will wear American flags on their uniforms for the remainder of the season, and American flags will be given to fans during all games Monday.

"The more I thought about it, I couldn't rationalize starting before Monday," Selig said.

Since Tuesday's attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, baseball has wiped out six days of play. The latest decision raised the total of postponed games to 91, the most since World War I caused nearly the entire final month of the 1918 season to be canceled.

Baseball will make up all the games by extending the regular season, which had been scheduled to end Sept. 30. The games postponed this week will be rescheduled for the week of Oct. 1.

That would lead to the possibility of the World Series, long known as the October Classic, producing its first Mr. November. It originally had been scheduled to end Oct. 28.

It also means that Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn will finish their Hall of Fame careers at home instead of on the road. Ripken and the Baltimore Orioles were to end the season at Yankee Stadium, while Gwynn and the San Diego Padres were set to finish in San Francisco.

The Cubs were scheduled to play Pittsburgh Friday, Saturday and Sunday, while the Sox were in Minnesota for three games. There were some reports Thursday afternoon that Pittsburgh players were on a bus headed for Chicago, but later reports indicated that the bus had been called back to Pittsburgh.

I think the only common denominator is we all want to do the right thing," said Cubs President/GM Andy MacPhail Thursday. "Were all searching for the right answers. There is no right answer.