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05-07-2004, 08:42 AM
I hate the Chicago MEdia. I dont know where to begin with my Anger, I cant even type. I tried to get on the Score this morning, Murph was chastising callers who were suggesting that a Felony committed at Wrigley yesterday, wouldve been Front Page a media Circus had it happened at Comiskey. Murph annoyingly took each callet to tast to explain why and where was their Proof.

I wrote him an Email, which he Just Read on the Air (7:30am) I took Murph and Media to task for Covering Ligue front and Center, and how when thing sHappen in Wrigleyville, Media says "LAKEVIEW". Murph shot me down on the air, and said the MEDIA is only calling Correctly what the Neighborhood is Called, and NOT using a "real-estate" term. WHAT BULLJUNK.

What is apparent Today is that, with a SOX off day and a cub win, the Cubs got a torrent of publicity (just last week roles were reversed, and stories were EVEN) with 1 story in each daily (hidden and played down) regarding the felony murder. A Giddy nancy loo on FOX this morning remarked "mark priors coming back in juuuuuuuuuuune!" to which bruce wolf told her to hold her breath for amonth.....FUNNY.

Unfortuneately, the Cub-Times (with no real proof yet)
decides to say in opening paragraph, that a SOX fan fit a car w a bat, implying this was a Sox/Cub related incident.

8 cub stories
3 sox stories

7 cub stories
2 sox stories

Standings since ST.........
CUBS 557
SOX 376

The Big Squirt
05-07-2004, 08:52 AM

How many of those Cub stories relate to the Murder last night? If they are included in your count, they shouldn't be...that would be like counting "redneck jumps onto field at the cell" stories as sox stories.

Not sure if you did...but just wanted to be sure.

Other interesting notes on the media this morning. I flipped between stations at about 5:30 this morning to catch the early reports on the murder outside wrigley. All of the stations except WGN (shock) reported it without spinning it. WGN talks about it and then says "it is shocking that such a thing would occur in such a safe neighborhood" I just about passed out after that.

Then I turn on Murph and Fred and the first thing Murph says is...well people have been talking about what might happen with more night games---WHAT? It was a day game. This is what happens when you surround a ballpark with bars and make it a drunken amusement park.

Which is exactly why I do not want the southside ballyard to become WrigleyII.

Dan H
05-07-2004, 09:07 AM
This just proves that violence can happen anywhere, and that it happens plenty around Wrigley Field. What I hate about Cub mania is that the media tries to treat Wrigley like it is some uptopia. Yet Bartman had to leave Wrigley just because he tried to corral a foul ball, and he is still in hiding. Now this, and probably plenty of other incidents that go un-reported.

Sox fans and the area around the park are not perfect. But I am not afraid to take my eight-year-old daughter to the bleachers at U S Cellular. I would never take her to the bleachers at Wrigley.

05-07-2004, 09:11 AM
Originally posted by The Big Squirt

Which is exactly why I do not want the southside ballyard to become WrigleyII.

I agree with US Cell Field becoming WrigleyII, but I would like a few more bars and restaurants. I have a split season package with 7 others and we always go to Bar Louie in the West Loop after the game for a drink or two. I would love a few more bars or restaurants righ next to the park.


05-07-2004, 11:53 AM
You know...just cause the Trib and Times said "Lakeview" doesn't mean Wrigleyville and Wrigley Field weren't in media outlets.

ESPN has a head lins that said man shot outside of Wrigley field after the game. NBC.com has Wrigleyfield all over the place as well.

Just because we see it here in Chicago doesn't mean the good stuff isn't going elsewhere. As Sox fans we know that there is more crime around there than The Cell. We just have to get the news out, and for national media outlets to be doing that is fine by me.

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05-07-2004, 02:03 PM
Originally posted by Clembasbal
You know...just cause the Trib and Times said "Lakeview" doesn't mean Wrigleyville and Wrigley Field weren't in media outlets.

For sure. Just do a google news search on Wrigley shooting and you'll get a host of stories like this


It's a messed up story, any way you cut it.

Edit: Turns out he was a Sox fan.