View Full Version : Ease up on dransfeldt

05-06-2004, 05:18 PM
Give him a break. The guy made an error. Granted it was a huge error, but the way lopez came in and pitched the sox werent winning anyway. Its not like loaiza was throwing a gem before or after that anyways. Everybody makes errors, some come at more inopportune times (see alex gonzalez) that others. The guy has hit pretty well and keyed some comebacks. I understand it was a huge error, but even omar vizquel makes errors. He isnt a star, he is a utility player. I realize he was probably the odd man out even before the big boot, but just cut him some slack. The sox still won the series and they lost the middle game handedly. It was an all around bad performance. IMO opinion he can be a valuable PH off the bench and spot starter and all 3 IF positions. I know he will be sent down and likely claimed off waivers. I wish him the best if that happens. You got to respect a guy who has paid his dues in the minors and worked hard for many years to get to the bigs. I can think of 2-3 guys Id rather see go down to him and I doubt he will clear waivers.