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DC Sox Fan
05-05-2004, 10:40 AM
Let me say I definitely picked the worst game to go to. But there were some good times at last night's game.

First of all, really good turnout of Sox fans. I was pleasantly surprised. I started out in section 43 and had about 7 sox fans pretty nearby, including one I gave a high 5 to after Maggs' 1st inning jack.

Spent most of the game in the standing room section right above the Sox' pen. Man Soo Lee was awesome- saw my Sox hat and was real friendly. D-Mart was walking around the pen and so was Shingo. Obviously I wasn't talking to Shingo but Damaso was friendly- smilling and waving.

Got a good look at Jackson, Cotts and Adkins warming up. Cotts has a funky little kick with his right leg just before he delivers that looked really cool up close.

Everyone was messing with Shingo. He was just sitting there watching the game, not in the bullpen shelter with everyone else. They were throwing stuff at him all game, messing with him. He got a smile and laugh out of it which was cool to see.

I think it was the 7th inning... all of the sudden all the pitchers got up out of the shelter and ran out. Some of them were zipping their jackets up over their faces, fanning at the air. Adkins looks up and shakes his head. I asked him what happened, he says "Koch Farted." Man Soo tells him that he has earned the new nickname "skunk." Pretty funny.

The game sucked, Dransfelt is a douche, but at least there were a lot of Sox fans there and I had a good time. :cool:

05-05-2004, 10:46 AM
Actually the smell they were running from was Koch's performance Monday.

05-05-2004, 10:54 AM
Sox fans were all over the park. There were quite a few of us in Sec 55.