View Full Version : Gameday Threads - New Rules - PLEASE READ!

05-02-2004, 10:50 PM
The new rules for game threads.

Due to confusion and problems that have arisen attempting to reduce the size of gameday threads, we will ONLY allow them for weekday day games. That allows people who are at work to check on the score when they cannot use chat. Please keep the irrelevant chat at a minimum. Weekday game threads should have the obligatory *Official* in the title.

There will be no game threads allowed for night games or weekend games, if you work nights or weekends,there are other alternatives out there, please make them your friend. There are several Internet based live game updaters that will allow you to follow the action. Some of them are available through www.espn.com (gamecast) and www.mlb.com (gameday). The latter is very quick and tends to run only a pitch or two behind live action for the most part.

We will be deleting threads and/or posts that are simply game updates or chatroom material. We have no desire to fight on this issue and don't want to start banning people right and left, so we are taking this step to try and end the issue once and for all. We simply feel it is in the sites best interest to end these for the most part worthless threads. They are costly to maintain and do nothing to improve the discussion and knowledge presented on the boards.

If you are a regular in those threads, we strongly recommend that you get over whatever issues you have regarding chat and give it a try. It really is fun. I know, because I am a regular in there and we have a good time. If you simply cannot/will not do that then please avail yourselves of a different message board during game time to feed your need for game update posts.

But again, we prefer you come join us in the chatroom.

Thank You for your cooperation in advance.