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04-28-2004, 11:29 PM
Here's a recap of one helluva day.

Original plan to skip work altogether gets crapped on as I remember that every other Wednesday the cleaning lady comes and helps me out so that I don't get yelled at for not doing more of the menial tasks around the house. What can I say? I'm just that lazy. And who wants to hang around while she's working?

So I go to work fully intending to bolt at about 11 and head to the park. But as often is the case, whimsical plans like this routinely get pushed aside for some issue. I thought that was going to happen as I got caught up in a heavy one. But, I got it resolved at about 5 after 11 and I was in the clear.

On the way home, I remembered that there was about 15 things I needed to do at home, like the lawn which was a couple days overdue. By the time I'd gotten home, I had convinced myself that I was not going to go, and I'd do some stuff here, and then enjoy the game from my comfy chair. But that lasted for about 3 minutes at home when I thought "how often do I get to go to a day game by myself and just chill?" So I grabbed my camera so I could get some new signature worthy pix and I was off.

Pulled in at about 10 to 1 and parked about 50 steps from the stadium club entrance. Sweet. Went and begged a dugout seat from my pal and she hooked me up about 4 rows back of the Tribe dugout. Got a kosher dog and a big Mountain Dew (I don't drink alone) and I was set.

Top of the first crisis averted, I'm scanning the crowd, and I see and old friend and wave to him. He's there w/ another old friend, and its reunion time. Probably 10 years since I've seen them, even tho e-mail keeps us in touch. They go get some beers and I sneak over by them and we have a great time, even tho the one fella is a tribe fan. So now its off work, good friends, cold beers and baseball. Even the Sox being down 6 couldn't hurt that.

The Sox come back of course, which was stellar. My tribe fan buddy takes some heat, and I head home happy.

As I'm trying to get out of the lot, I hear a knock on the side of the car. I turn and there's a cute blonde, mid twenties. Before I can say a word, she lifts her shirt, shows the goods (and they were good goods), screams "SOX WIN", and is gone. And I had thought this Sox experience wasn't going to get any better! A younger dumber me might have tried to pull over and catch her, but the older wiser me just enjoyed.

I got home and my wife was mowing the lawn (score!). I stopped her, pulled a couple cold ones out of the garage fridge, and we sat out and watched the kids ride their bikes in the cool evening breeze.

With all the luck I had today, I thought seriously of heading over to the boat to drop a few coins on the craps table, but that older, wiser me reminded me again to quit while I was ahead...

04-29-2004, 07:46 AM
Sounds like a perfect day. :)