View Full Version : Change the media? Hit them where it hurts!

Frater Perdurabo
04-26-2004, 08:23 PM
A year or so ago, when I was just lurking on WSI, another poster suggested that Sox fans boycott businesses who support the Tribune and Sun Times and other pro-Cubs media outlets, and tell them -- and the corporate executives of the media conglomerates -- that we are boycotting them because those media outlets are biased against the Sox.

We can continue to write letters, but the smart-arsed columnists are going to continue to warp our letters and continue to deny that a bias exists.

Call/write WMVP and demand that they fire Mariotti. Tell them that we also are boycotting businesses who advertise during his show. Pale Hose George correctly surmised that WMVP is struggling with ratings. They can't afford to alienate Sox fans. Tell them you will listen only to Sox games and that you are boycotting Mariotti and anyone who advertises on Mariotti's show. Tell the businesses that you are boycotting them because they support J.J. Mariotti.

The media is a business. Like any other business, they chase the almighty dollar. If we hurt their profits, they will have no choice but to change.

P.S. - Hal's most recent column was EXCELLENT.