View Full Version : The New Esteban

04-20-2004, 05:03 PM
Esteban surprised all Sox fans last year with an unbelievable season. What 2004 White Sox player has surprised you thus far, and will hopefully continue to do so.

04-20-2004, 05:10 PM
I vote Olivo, because I think he's had the tools all along, and now he can finally make his mark in the MLB both offensively and defensively. I also think Konerko will continue to succeed this year as he did two years ago, because he's starting to swing for hits, not for the fence, and is being much more productive as he once was. I think Harris will have a progressive year in his development, but this isn't the one, maybe next year; once he learns to get on base a lot more then he will be a serious threat to opponents. I really can't predict Shingos year, because so many things could happen. His movement is incredible, but he may need to add a few more pitches to his repotoire to be successful in the US. Uribe may be a solid guy, but i don't think he shows much potential for greatness. Similarly Rowand may be a solid starter, but I don't see a huge future for him. I'd be extatic if Garland finally broke out, i know he's young, but we've been waiting for his break out year for 5 years, i hope this is it. And all i can look forward to for Schoenweis is hopefully being over 500.

04-20-2004, 05:30 PM
I dont think it would be a surprise to anyone if Olivo had a great year this year. Schoe's start has already surpirse us and if he can post a sub-4 ERA and give us about 200 innings then that would certainly be a pleasant surprise. He's never posted a sub-4 ERA as a reliever or a starter (closer to 5 as a starter). I saw his second start on TV in its entirety and I can tell you that if he pitches that same way the whole year that we have ourselves a pretty good pitcher on our hands. He's proven that he can strike people out as he did in ST, but he also gave up a billion runs in ST. Maybe it really did take him that long to "get a grip" on his pitch arsenal. I guess the key was not throwing the change-up regularly because it's terrible from what I hear. Only a "schoe-Me" pitch. I didnt think this guy was anything after ST, but now I'm convinced that he could provide some solid in the 4 spot which is something we desperately needed. 4 solid pitchers can carry you to many victories and can lead you to postseason success.