View Full Version : De Paula hurt, wont start vs Sox

04-17-2004, 09:40 PM

De Paula, who would have likely gotten the start on Tuesday against the White Sox, may be placed on the DL, but the team won't make that decision until Sunday. General manager Brian Cashman said he hoped to have a full report on De Paula's condition by Saturday night.

The latest developments leave either Donovan Osborne or Alex Graman as the likely starter for Tuesday, as Torre waits for the organization to decide who should replace Heredia -- and maybe De Paula -- on the active roster. Torre said that one way or another, the Yankees would be back at 11 pitchers by Tuesday.

"We'll wait for the minor-league people to tell us who it could be from down there. Graman comes to mind for me," Torre said. "If they send us two guys who work out of the bullpen, then the likelihood is that Osborne will start on Tuesday."

This doesnt really change the fact that we're going to have a great shot to win this game.

A. Cavatica
04-17-2004, 10:07 PM
Charlotte has already beaten Graman once, maybe twice. Last time out Rauch beat him. Given the Sox' travails against pitchers they've never seen, maybe we should call up some hitters.