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04-17-2004, 11:36 AM
I was bored the other night after a rather digusting game and turned to my music collection for solace. I then heard a song that I thought would be perfect to describe our situation -- James K. Polk by They Might Be Giants. Original Lyrics can be found here. (http://www.lyricsdepot.com/they-might-be-giants/james-k-polk.html) I changed the words around and got the following. I took some liberties with history and words to make it fit the music, but I hope that's understood:

In 2004, the Go Go Sox were split
the three nominees for the managerial candidate
Were Bobby Valentine, a former manager, and an ESPNist
Cito Gaston, a World Series vet
Carlton Fisk, a catcher and fielder of left
From Flor'da came a dark horse riding up
He was Oz Guillen, Napoleon of the Cell

Austere, severe, he held few players dear
his oratory filled his foes with fear
Ken Williams soon agreed
He's just the man we need
to bring about victory
fulfill our manifest destiny
and win without Colon and Everett
and when the press was massed the winner was
Mister Oz Guillen, Napoleon of the Cell

In two short weeks he met his every goal
He got a stolen base from Konerko
Made el caballo bunt
and made the media sell the Willie Harris story
he used his bench in just one inning
having done all this he sought no seventh win
but precious few have mourned the passing of
Mister Oz Guillen our thirty-seventh manager
Young Peņa, Napoleon of the Cell

The line "his oratory filled his foes with fear" was the most appropriate, I believe.

04-17-2004, 01:28 PM
Not bad, I will give you an A for effort because I love TMBG.