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09-10-2001, 11:20 PM
From The Trib:
Jose Canseco has no idea where he'll be next year, but he has come to love Chicago since joining the White Sox in late June.

Canseco is a realist and understands he's probably a goner. Frank Thomas will be the everyday designated hitter when he returns from his triceps injury next spring, and Canseco's pleas to play a corner outfield spot have fallen upon deaf ears.

Because he won't be able to chase 500 home runs sitting on the bench, one solution for Canseco's dilemma is to sign a one-year, incentive-laden deal with the Cubs. It's a long shot, but Canseco said he would be interested.

"I'd love to play in the National League," he said. "Then I'd be playing outfield. I'd be a 40-40 [home runs and steals] guy for sure if I played outfield every day. Go ahead and laugh. I'd do it."

Canseco insists he could play left field regularly and there's less ground to cover in Wrigley than most parks. He could join Sammy Sosa and Fred McGriff in a lineup built around three sluggers with more than 400 home runs apiece. Canseco hasn't played outfield semi-regularly since 1998 in Toronto, when he committed five errors in 73 games.

Becoming a 40-40 man again may be a stretch, considering Canseco has only two steals in 62 games for the Sox. But Canseco said that was only because he played designated hitter.

"If I was in the outfield, my legs wouldn't be so cold and I'd be running more," he said. "You can't steal when you're DHing and you have to sit all the time."

With 15 home runs in 214 at-bats, Canseco is averaging one home run for every 14.3 at-bats. The Sox averaged 4.9 runs per game before Canseco arrived and 6.4 runs per game since.

He's 39 homers away from the 500 and ranks 22nd on the all-time home run list, third among active players behind Mark McGwire (578) and Barry Bonds (557). Canseco is tied with former "Bash Brother" McGwire for 53rd place on the all-time RBI list at 1,403.

09-11-2001, 01:10 AM
i like him as a player, but hes such an idiot