View Full Version : This Series reminds me of the opening series last year

04-15-2004, 07:18 PM
This series is similar to the sweep by the royals last year, except this time the sox were doing the sweeping. Think about it, both were
1. early in the season
2. one team had upgraded alot of players and were picked to win the central. the team picked got swept in each of the series.
3. one team outplayed each other when it wasn't expected to happen.
4. the home team came back and the away team suffered a heartbreaking loss at least once.
5. each team had a new manager.
6. One fan base was upset with their team (obviously the royals team had to be upset because their team had been horrible for a while)
7. each team had an outfielder entering free agency soon.
8. each team had their bullpen blow at least one game.
it just seems like that series last year, except we are on the winning side of it and the royals are on the bad side. hopefully, the royals will continue downhill and the sox can stay in 1st place.