View Full Version : about bonds on the white sox

04-14-2004, 05:43 PM
In the press conference I clearly remember Ron Schuler saying he asked Frank who he wanted the Sox to sign Belle or Bonds and Frank said Belle.

Yes, the rest is history.

Poor Frank actually, I bet he had no idea what Bonds would turn into (Balco, ahem) because at the time Bonds was a 30/30 with the reputation that he couldn't win a playoff series and Belle was the premier player in the game that had led the Indians to the world series. But Belle's career didn't fall off until he LEFT the White Sox. His last year with the White Sox was MONSTER. Almost superior to Bonds' in every way and I believe he is a year younger than Bonds. So you can believe that people were talking about Belle as the more dominating player at the time. Again, this top 5 greatest players of all time talk with Bonds didn't start until that 73 HR crap.