View Full Version : Knights and the Mud Hens, 04/12/04

04-13-2004, 05:34 PM
So on my way back to school from Chicago (I was on Easter break), I stopped in Toledo to see the Knights take on the Hens. Here are some various observations from the game:

- What's the organization's obsession with Ryan Kohlmeier? He's been with the Sox since, what, 2001? He really hasn't progressed, and I just don't see much of a point in keeping him around. This being said, I must admit that he did pitch well, though he didn't impress me much.

- As for the relievers, Vic Darensbourg doesn't look like much (it's not like I was expecting a lot, though), and former Cub reliever Courtney Duncan looked decent. Gary Majewski throws pretty hard, and he struck out the side. He's still somewhat young (24 in May), so he has some upside. I wish Capra would use him a bit more. He's seems to be using Darensbourg and Jose Santiago the most.

- The offense did not look good last night, though I think the cold had something to do with it. Only three players reached base. They weren't taking many pitches, though Ariel Prieto should be given some credit because he was consistently throwing strikes. In truth, it looked like they just wanted to get the game over with (not that I blame them, the weather was harsh). As for individual performances, Jamie Burke and Bobby Smith looked lost out there. Kelly Dransfeldt and Mike Bell make up a very sad left side of the infield. On the plus side, Joe Borchard hit the ball hard in his three plate appearances.

- Very few actual prospects in attendance last night: Jeremy Reed, Borchard, and Majewski for the Knights; Nook Logan and Franklyn German for the Hens. A few former major leaguers were playing, including 34-year old Ariel Prieto (who gave up one hit and struck out six in six innings), Danny Klassen, Warren Morris, and Ben Petrick. Former Cub prospect Jason Smith played third base for the Hens.

- Fifth Third Field is a very nice ball park. This was my first AAA game, so I can't really compare it to other parks, though. Very clean, good sight lines, nice concourse, and unlike other minor league games, the special effects aren't overdone. The city of Toledo should do something about entertainment near the park, though. Aside from a convention center, a few bars, and a Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant, there was nothing else around the park. Empty buildings peppered the area.

- Like I said, the weather was miserable. At the start of the game, it was a relatively comfortable 50 degrees. By the end, the temperature had dropped about twenty degrees, the wind was picking up, and a heavy mist continuously fell. It was a ball game, however, so I enjoyed myself.

04-14-2004, 08:01 AM
Hey, I attended that game as well. I had club level tickets with a buddy of mine, but we sat at the field level behind the plate to avoid the wind and rain. And the weather was harsh, with a steady drizzle. There wasn't many hits that day, but I would have to say the weather had a lot to do with it. Also agree with the other observations you listed.

As for Fifth Third, it is a great minor league park. There is not a bad seat in the place and the concourse is very open allowing for a good view from many vantage points.

Yeah, downtown Toledo has a long way to go, but it is much better than it was 10 years ago, and even 2 years ago since the ballpark was built. Some bars I would recommend for after the game are the Durty Bird across the street and the Bronze Boar. Jackson's is a nice restaurant/bar up the street on Huron.