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04-08-2004, 02:44 PM
I know it's early, but these are my first impressions of the 2004 Sox. I tried to keep it positive and I know a couple losses doesn't mean the sky is falling. They're 159 games left.

-Jose Valentin sucks. I'm all ready sick of him striking out and he hasn't hit a lefty yet. Put in Uribe who has Jose's power and seems to be just as good a fielder and hitter.
-Willie Harris sucks. He doesn't have a hit yet and I don't forsee him getting one in the near future. IMO, he has to start getting on base either via walks or hits and steal some bases before the allstar break. Otherwise we have to give up on him and trade for a 2nd baseman or start Uribe.
-Konerko is back. Thomas, Maggs, Lee will all hit as well as in '03. Catcher finally isn't as much of a worry with Olivo playing well, Alomar healthy (for now), and also Burke/Rivera available at AAA. Rowand will finally shine in CF with the starting job nailed down and his injuries/batting woes fixed. Timo Perez and Ross Gload are quality help off the bench.
-Buehrle and Loaiza both pitched well enough to win and E-Lo did. Schoennweis was shaky today, but got out of some jams and only gave up 3 runs to the Yankees when it could've been much worse. I think Garland and Wright will do well also and hopefully we'll have 5 guys who give us a chance to win.
-Bullpen: Marte will be fine despite one bad outing. I like Politte a lot and you can't fault him for being mismanaged and having his two walks score by Koch/Marte. Koch seems to have made the change from a thrower to a pitcher and I really think he can have a good year if Ozzie trusts him. Even if he's not the closer, he'll be a good asset to have. Jackson looked ok and I'll be fine with a 4.50 ERA and some veteran leadership in the 'pen from him. Wunsch should be back to get the lefties out and Adkins/Cotts will just eat innings until one (probably Neal) is sent down for Kelly to come back.

04-08-2004, 02:52 PM
Starting pitching has been great. All three pitched well enough to win.

The bullpen is flawless since game 1. That was a fluke.

Konerko looks good. This is huge because we can actually trade him if he continues. That'll give us a lot of payroll flexibility.

Valentin is terrible.

It's implied that Harris is terrible. Get Uribe in there now.

We just got overmatched today. I think we're looking alright. We just gotta get the bats going.

04-08-2004, 02:52 PM
A BP pitcher w/ a 4.50 era? That isn't decent. That flat out sucks.

04-08-2004, 03:55 PM
Harris has played in two games, and in the first game he hit two balls well enough to be base hits.

Look, I'm not a Harris champion, but give the dude a flippin' chance. Uribe swings from his heels on every pitch, he looked worse than Harris in his start, IMO.