View Full Version : Some small good "news" to report on CLTV Sports Page

04-05-2004, 11:38 PM
Lou Canellis was not very happy about the Loss today. He took some calls and Basically talked SOX baseball the majority of the hour, and complained and vented. He also went on record saying that, though at first he didnt have an opinion one way or the other on the Koch for Foulke trade, the things he'd been hearing from Media out in the Bay Area troubled him deeply. He said he knew KOCH was going to be trouble just from hearing other scouts tell him he was Washed Up and wondered how the Sox scouts got bamboozled.
I wanted to call him and tell him it was because of $$$$$$$$$$$
that KW had to make that trade, they were trading $$$$$$$, not the bs where they told us we were getting a "legitimate" closer. But anyway, Canellis pulled a Mike Murphy from the Score and was complaining about the game and taking callers.
Funniest part was this cubguy calls, and says "Lou, I uhhh, think the cubs are going to have a .....uhh fantastic year .........."
after a moment of silence, Canellis hangs up on the guy and goes "thanks for the call" I laughed my (butt) off, it was hilarious. It was refreshing to hear Callers calling in pissed about this game and our bullpen