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04-04-2004, 05:18 PM
Cubs Propoganda Minister Mike Kiley starts the week off by Again, Referring to a Cubs World Series. Not wanting to speculate, on the suspicion that MarkPrior himself may have used steroids, and Anger The Messiah, Kiley instead chose to write an article bashing Jack McDowell for even bringing it up last week.
Greg Couch has already brought it up, and hes not even the BeatWriter. The Cubs manage a few Giant Page headlines and Pictures today also. Nice Fluff piece on Roland Hemond today in the Cubune, but as usual, the SOX are "out-storied" again 6-5
The Cubs currently have a 104 story "lead" on the SOX since
Spring Training Began ...............

Chicago Cub-Times:
2 cub stories
2 sox stories

Chicago Cubune:
4 cub stories
3 sox stories

CUBS 286
SOX 172

04-04-2004, 11:50 PM
One cool thing from the Sun-Times business section (page 41):

The leader of the stock picking contest is Paul Neumann of Evergreen Park (his stock has increased 284% in 2004). The cool thing as far as Sox fans are concerned is that when he had his picture taken, he wore his Sox hat. Great job in stock picking and great job in showing that not everyone in this area is a Flubbie fan. Hats off (or in this case, hats on) to Paul Neumann.