View Full Version : The Sox pitching staff is all messed up

04-04-2004, 07:49 AM
I may have posted this earlier, but I'm posting it again since pitching is 50% of the game. The Sox are misallocating their resources for their pitching staff. They can do much better then what they're going up north with.

Here is how I would set up the 2004 pitching staff. I'm basing this on players currently on the roster or property of the Sox and am also looking at the health situation of the team.

SP Buehrle
SP Loiaza
SP Garland
SP Rauch
SP Grilli

RP Marte
RP Politte
RP Schoenweis
RP Koch
RP Wright
RP Jackson

DISCLAIMER: I am only sticking Koch in there since I know the Sox are too cheap to let him go for nothing.

But this pitching staff is better then what the Sox currently have for a few reasons:

1. Schoenweis is not in the rotation.
2. It's time to see what a guy like Rauch could do. I've read here that KW has it in for hime, does anyone know why?
3. Wright and Grilli are interchangeable. I think Wright is a bit more of a head case and needs to build more confidnece in the billpen.
4. There is only one specialist in this bullpen...Koch. There will be a second if Wunsch can get his act together. That's all a team needs. The Sox arguable right now have 6 of their 7 pitchers as specialists.
5. Because some of these guys can log more innings, there is only a need for 6 relievers, hence opening up a roster spot for an offensive player.

If the Sox had the guts to dump Koch (which I would do in a heartbeat) I'd stick Shingo in there just for the PR. He'd be the 6th man in a 6 man bullpen until he proves himself. If he faltered I'd have no trouble bringing up Cotts or sending Shingo down when Wunsch returns.