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04-03-2004, 12:57 PM
Kind of weird to look in both papers and see virtually no baseball news. The Cubune has borrowed a Page from WSI by posting
a "Watch" of their own. Guess what its called? Prior Watch 4/2 etc. Who says the media isnt lurking around here?
The Cub-Times took the time to publish a "McDowell Apologizes"
article. If you dont believe this has been blown out of proportion by Mike Kiley and subsequently ESPN ....read this 1st.
Note how the headline doesnt condemn Prior in name.


after your finished, read this 2nd. Note How Kiley expertly installed doubt by having Prior hear that he was accused, and not really tell him that Jack also didnt suspect him outright, but baseball was going to be subject to these things. More Importantly, note how Mike Kiley Worded the Headline.


See how Brutal this guy is? He knew exactly what he was doing
Planting that article. Most can now see why I dislike him so much, and how he and the rest of the Media are surely going to Run the SOX (with Jerry Reinsdorf unwittingly helping) out of town
some say, just ignore him, lets talk about the sox, take the foil off etc etc ........But this is what happens when the Media gets to run CubWild ...............Read this now.


Note how this article was based on Kileys BullJunk article, and further diluted what Jack said. In fact, this article only uses 2 or 3 sentences from Jacks comments.

anyway, very slow sox news day today.....

Chicago Cubune:
0 cub stories
0 sox stories

Chicago Cub-Times:
2 cub stories
1 sox story (regarding the cancellation of the rest of ST games)

CUBS 280
SOX 167

Corlose 15
04-03-2004, 01:11 PM
Did you watch Baseball Tonight last night? Rob Dibble talked about how McDowell shouldn't accuse people when he doesn't know them. It just seems to me that McDowell was saying that its an interesting injury and he might be subject to accusations.

Dibble also said that you could put Carlos Zambrano on any rotation in the majors and he'd be a #1.

As for this media bias thing I'm afraid it has spread across Lake Michigan. Last year the Sox and Cubs got fairly even coverage in the Grand Rapids Press.(This may have been due to the Tigers sucking so bad) However this year everyday there has been an article on the Cubs and one on the Tigers, sometimes there's even more Cub articles than Tiger ones.

04-03-2004, 08:55 PM
The previous two posts show exactly why the nedia need watching. What's going on with the press and the Cubs isn't journalism, it's sycophancy.