View Full Version : Etopps Predicts Sox to have 88+ wins (12+ in April)

03-31-2004, 11:57 AM
Etopps (www.etopps.com) is a internet card set produced by Topps. I wont bore you with the minutae of thier system, but this year's set has included "Team" Cards featuring 6 players and a write up on the team. The team cards have a performance bonus program attached to them. If the Team wins X ammount of games per month ( a number determined by etopps) card owners get bonus points. If the team wins Y ammount of games at the end of the season, you get bonus points. There are also points awarded if you make/win the world series. The Sox card was offered this week, and Etopps will reward bonus points to owners of the sox card IF they Win 12 games in April, and 88 for the season. I think they'll post the may- sept targets later.
SO THERE. Topps thinks the Sox can win at least 12 games in April, and 88 for the year.