View Full Version : Chicago NewsMedia Watch 3/31/04

03-31-2004, 11:42 AM
Our Beloved SOX take a beating today unfortuneately in the
Cub-Times and Cubune. We manage only 3 stories combined,
while the Camelot-esque Cubs get 11 stories, ranging from
Curses, New Seatsat Urinal, Lotteries for new seats at the Urinal
and the beginning onslaught of "whats wrong with the Messiah"
articles. Only second time this Week, that Mike Kiley DIDNT use the term "CUBS WORLD SERIES".
Shock & Awe starting to hit 2nd gear .....

Chicago Cubune:
8 cub stories
1 sox story

Chicago Cub-Times:
3 cub stories
2 sox stories

Standings since Pitchers and Catchers Reported .....
CUBS 268
SOX 155