View Full Version : what about keepin it in the clubhouse?

03-29-2004, 09:52 AM
Finally a Kenny meltdown this spring. I was wondering when it would finally happen. My question is who the heck is he talking about? The white sox site tries to spin it like its a blanket statement to the team, but I'm not so sure. From chisox.com:

One day earlier, Williams had issued a challenge to an unnamed player on the White Sox roster, an individual he was waiting "to pick up the pace a little bit" and who might get a roster surprise if he didn't. Williams still would not mention that particular player by name Sunday, making it appear that he was issuing more of a blanket challenge to his team for the last week of Spring Training.

Anyways, I thought Kenny believed that kind of stuff should be kept in the clubhouse. Then he goes mouthing off to the media. Not to mention that Ozzie seems to not know what the heck he's talkin about. The sun-times reports today:

Manager Ozzie Guillen claimed he and Williams had not discussed the subject.

''He has his own opinion, his own mind,'' Guillen said. ''I think I'm happy with the way the players are playing right now. He might have some issues with a couple players or one player, but right now the players have responded the way I want them to.''

03-29-2004, 10:41 AM
I haven't been following the stats that closely this spring, so a bunch of people would better know how to answer that question than me. What I am really happy about is the way Ozzie handled the situation. It seems he's really learning how to deal with the media. I am sure there will be a few notable explosions during the year, but this quote is an encouraging step.