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03-23-2004, 01:37 PM
So much for holding ground. SOX manage to lose 2 stories in the standings today. Mike Kiley FORGOT TO MENTION the cubs heading to the World Series today....Sound The Alarms!!!!
However, Fred Mitchell over at the Cubune picked up the "slack" by yet again........doing another "Q&A" on none other....than the cubs. Im not sure what the point of his columns are, but they seem to be to Further the cubby "mystique".
He takes time to plug Marble Mouthed Buffoon Ron Santos kids movie. No real information here, just more Fluff. Since the beginning of January, There have been 15 columns written, with 8 of them being strictly about the cubs, Including 4 of the last 6. The following have garnered enough "respect" to get some valuable "Q&A" time since the new year. Michael Waltrip, Geno Capaletti, Muhammad Ali, Bobby Knight and 3 columns about the NCAA tournaments. Safe to say Mr Mitchell thought it more interesting to do a piece on Retired Jim Frey, Retired Dennis Eckersley, retired flubby trainer Tony Garofalo (whats he trying to do, make the guy a legend?) a piece on 1984 Gary Mathews and even what Things were like in 1908 when the CUbs last won. Give me a Break. Less fluff pieces and some more SOX related articles.

Chicago Cubune:
3 cub stories
2 sox stories
Chicago Cub-Times:
3 cub stories
2 sox stories

Laughable standings as of 3/23/04

CUBS 218
SOX 124