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03-22-2004, 06:02 PM
I like how the Cub-Times today is the first to report that The Messiah will start the season on the DL. This came from Yellow One himself, Mike Kiley. What is funny is Kiley just Yesterday, seemed to assure cubby fans with his 1st person report that The 10,000,000 dollar mans bullpen session went "OK", and that things would be alrite. Mike Kiley of course went into his Journalistic Phone Booth and changed quickly into his 3rd person costume to report the "news" to worried media and flubby fans everywhere. OH, and Kiley also yesterday continued his Verbal Propoganda Assault by reminding readers once again
the cubs were "taking a crack at the world series". Can someone tell this guy to get a clue? And remind him hes a hack reporter, not the Cub Minister of Propoganda? its sickening already.

Kudos to Doug Padilla, beat reporter for the White Sox for taking a cue from some of WSI's finest here, and reporting some inside info from Frank Thomas. Thomas quietly remarked how some players have tried to take advantage of Ozzy this past week, only to be shown up "and publicly embarassed" by Ozz himself in front of the team. A pat on the back for Thomas for reporting
that Ozz took care of himself and sent a message that HES in charge, and that "it needed to be done". Nice job Frank, and Nice Job Ozz.

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