View Full Version : Buehrle wants Boomer back.

09-09-2001, 01:12 AM
From the Trib:
Manager Jerry Manuel already has his Opening Day pitcher picked out for April, and it's no surprise his choice is Mark Buehrle, the White Sox's 22-year-old ace.

But the four starters who will follow Buehrle in the rotation are still very much up in the air, with Jon Garland, Rocky Biddle, Gary Glover and Dan Wright lacking consistency from start to start.

Whether the Sox need to add a veteran to the mix figures to be a hot topic of debate this coming off-season, and Buehrle believes re-signing David Wells would be the right call for general manager Ken Williams.

"He's a proven winner, even though he didn't have a good year," Buehrle said.

"I'd personally like to see him back, and I don't think anyone here in the clubhouse would say, 'No, we don't want him back.'"

Wells was often criticized for being a distraction because of his comments about Frank Thomas' injury and other remarks. But Thomas forgave Wells for his ill-timed remarks, and Buehrle credited Wells for helping him develop into a one of the league's top young left-handers.

"He and (Cal) Eldred were always talking to me on the bench during situations in the game, telling me to throw this in this situation or don't throw this," Buehrle said. "He's helped me out a lot."

Wells doesn't figure on changing his personality to get another chance with the Sox.

"I put my foot in my mouth, believe you me, but that's part of growing up," Wells said. "If people don't like it too bad. I couldn't care less. I know I'm having fun. I've made a lot of people happy in this game. I can't make everybody happy. As long as I'm out there having a good time, that's all that matters."

Williams doesn't care what Wells says, as long as he's healthy, able to perform and willing to sign a contract structured to give the Sox as little risk as possible in case Wells reinjures his back. Even with Wells' subpar half-season and the patchwork rotation caused by so many injuries, the Sox starters began Saturday ranked seventh in the American League with a 4.55 ERA. Minnesota's starters were eighth at 4.59, while Cleveland was 12th at 5.42.