View Full Version : Herm Schneider and Ryan Sweeney were on Dan Patrick today

03-17-2004, 07:07 PM

If you want to listen to what they said, Herm is on a little before the 1 hour mark and Sweeney about 7 minutes after the hour.

Ryan Sweeney, White Sox Rookie (2:13) - The 19-year-old kid hitting .333 in Spring Training talks about the trials and tribulations of finding a lower uniform number. Yesterday he was No. 80, and today he was No. 76. "Every day it changes, guys go into the clubhouse and say 'Hey, can I get number 12 today so I can look like I'm part of the team?'" He's leaving an impression on the White Sox management and Dibble thinks that he has a shot at being called up at some point this year. "I hope that's what's going on. This is a great opportunity for me. Just coming up here and being able to help the team has been great." What about the major league per diem compared to the minor league? "We make more money coming up here playing one game, than we normally do in one week."

Herm Schneider, White Sox Trainer (2:07) - He gave us a team trainer's point of view on steroids, and also helped Dan rehab from his pitching experiment earlier in the day.