View Full Version : BP's White Sox Team Health Report

03-15-2004, 04:40 PM
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All of the position players receive green lights which Carroll believes is a first. So, at least our position players are exceedingly healthy.

As far as the pitchers go, Rauch, Wright, Buehrle, and Loaiza get yellow lights with a green for Garland. Rauch and Wright get yellows due to past injury history and Loaiza gets one because he's had trouble staying completely healthy for consecutive seasons. With Buehrle, Carrol states he's not in a lot of danger of a serious injury since he's passed the injury nexus (he's 25, past the age most young pitchers hurt their arm) but his decreasing effectiveness over the last few years under large workloads is disconcerting. He states "there is more than one way to break a pitcher."