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03-15-2004, 12:14 PM
Sox have only managed to NOT lose anymore ground to the media-admired Flubbies this weekend. Interesting story
in the Cubune regarding Griffey playing for the SOX. Yellow Journalist and sometime writer Mike Kiley inserts another of his Trademark "Kiley-isms", in a story regarding MLB's ruling that sammy assistant Julian Martinez will indeed NOT be allowed in the clubhouse and not be able to wear a cub uniform, as if he were a player. "......Andy McPhail vowed from the start that there would be a way to resolve the Unexpected Furor, over
Julian Martinez's status". Ummmmm Mr Kiley, this "Unexpected Furor" you speak of, became a "Furor" because the CUbs were the last team to Abide by the Rule. The Cubs had no intention of abiding by it until it became a major story, which of course YOU played down, and NOT covered by yourself. Whats the matter, afraid Dusty wont let you eat at the Press Table after cubby games? Afraid Sammy wont be pals with you?

Chicago Cub-Times Sunday/Monday:
5 cub stories
5 sox stories

Chicago Cubune Sunday/Monday:
4 cub stories
4 sox stories

Still Laughable standings as of 3/15/04
CUBS 188
SOX 95