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03-14-2004, 11:34 PM
Was at a few drinking establishments today, and while it was easy to spot the many SOX fans in and around the bars, it was very Annoying to see the throngs of cubbie blue hats around also.
Waiting in a line for the bathroom, Id had enough and mentioned to one cub fan in front of me
Hangar: (laughs mockingly) How did you get in here?
CubFan: who won the game yesterday man?
Hangar: Who won the season series last year?
CubFan: it was a tie
Hangar: i'll refresh your memory, we won 4 gms to 6
CubFan: yeah, but that was last year, were going to the
world series this year
(anonymous sox fan, listening) Cubs suck!
(more sox fans, in bathroom hear this, then join in) Cubs suck
cubs suck
CubFan: you guys suck, you cant even fill your own park
(anonymous sox fan1) get out of here cub fan

Hangar: at least when I get my tickets, my own team isnt Scalping them and Ripping its own fans off
(all sox fans in bathroom begin Laughing)
Hangar: then on top of that, I dont get the tickets, and try to Ebay them right away
(More laughing)
CubFan2: dude, you dont even know why you hate the cubs
Hangar: dude, My hatred for that team has well over a thousand reasons, I have to catolog my hatred by years
CubFan3: (feigns indifference)
(sox fans in bathroom chanting and catcalling cub fans)
Hangar: Ok.....i'll give you a reason. Your team helped run out the last commissioner in baseball, because you didnt want to go "west" because you "were gonna lose your fanbase".
(both cubfans look shockingly at each other)
CubFan2: ok man, you got us there

Fun Lighthearted moments when CubFans are mocked
are always fun for me

Dick Allen
03-15-2004, 10:02 AM
Cub fans have got to be the easiest target on the face of the earth.

Frater Perdurabo
03-15-2004, 10:15 AM
Hangar, it seems to me you actually encountered some of the more intelligent Cubs fans out there, in that they actually knew about the realignment fiasco of several years back.

The fact that you so easily dismissed the "leaders" of the herd doesn't speak well for Cubs fandom at large.