View Full Version : Reggie Jackson Weighs In

03-11-2004, 06:40 AM
Reggie Jackson has now added his two cents worth on the subject of steroids. You can read it in Terrence Moore's column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

As I would expect, he blames the commissioner of baseball for the players taking steroids.

According to MLB, 5 to 7 percent of ballplayers tested positive last year. What about the other 93 to 95 percent? Why aren't the vast majority of ballplayers demanding to their union that the rules be changed immediately?

Why is it that those 93 to 95 percent are so dead set against cleaning up the game?

It sure seems that the union is in the pockets of less than ten percent of the total.

MLB cannot act against the Bonds, the Giambis, the whoever elses, until the present agreement concerning steroids runs its course. Or until both sides to the agreement, MLB and the players association, agree that something must be done now.

If Jackson and or any other player, past or present, wants to see the situation improve, he must change the position of the players association. Somebody needs to rally the majority against the minority.