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03-07-2004, 09:01 PM
Saturday, the sox and cubs stayed EVEN, each getting 4 stories each in the dailies. Today however, the manage
to Lose Even More Ground ......... Cubune calling flubby pitching staff "greatest ever". Cubpoganda continues .........
both papers incredibly, have Re-Hashed previous articles on Kerry Wood. Im convinced one paper knew yet another Wood article was going to appear, and the other paper quickly wrote a piece on him. Wood is the only player on both sides of town to have 4 stories written about him. a 5th story was about him and the Messiah, and what they thought of the upcoming season. 2 recent stories are asking him what he thought of upcoming season. Also, article in Cubune Confidently states that Cubs will work out "flap" regarding Sammys Steroid Assistant. Despite the article quoting Bud Selig as saying theres no grounds for bending the rules, Jim Hendry says "something will be worked out by end of spring training".
Seems the Flubs are trying to Bend the Commissioners Rules once again. Reminds me the last time the CUbs disagreed with the Commissioner, they outright Ignored his demand and subsequently Ran FAY VINCENT out of office. Nice Team huh?
The Sox have only Out "storied" the cubs ONCE so far.
With todays stories, rehashings, and cubpoganda, the cubs have Opened their BIGGEST LEAD on the sox yet. 90 stories.
think of that number. Ninety. that is a huge amount of
stories to be generated. most of course were Fluff.

Chicago Cub-Times:
3 cub stories
2 sox stories

Chicago Cubune:
5 cub stories
2 sox stories

Almost insurmountable lead, Standings as of 3/7/04

CUBS 158
SOX 68

03-07-2004, 09:06 PM
Keep up the good work, Hangar.
Much appreciated.