View Full Version : Who Will Win The Final Bench Spots

03-04-2004, 07:57 PM
Uribe and Alomar are no doubtedly going to receive two of the bench spots. As of now, I believe the Sox are thinking 12 pitchers. That leaves two additional spots.

I felt Gload had a good shot of making the team, and so far Guillen has made it clear he will be given strong consideration. I've heard he could play third, but he can also be an additonal outfielder/first baseman/pinch hitter.

On the Sox site, it mentions Burke as another possibility, who can play third and be a third catcher.

Bernard can be another outfielder, who may be a good option as a pinch hitter or off the bench speed. However, a backup at third may be more desirable.

Reed and Borchard need starting roles, and since none are available on the roster at the start of this season, they will most definitely be starting in the minors for regular at bats.

Who do you guys feel are going to make the team with the final two spots, or who think should make it? I like Gload, and I definitely think he is a great option for us to have. I am now leaning towards Burke because Gload can play the outfield, and Burke will make a good third baseman for Crede's days off. Besides, a third catcher can prove very valuable, especially one that can play another position. I believe Uribe is fast enough, so hopefully when he is coming off the bench, he can be the main pinch runner option.