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03-01-2004, 10:47 AM
Theres a local car-wash that I go to, one of 2 actually in the area.
This one is Very close to my place. Nice joint, hand-wash it, dry it, and moderately priced. The owner is a younger guy, polish with an accent. the guys there 15 hrs a day it seems and sees me regularly and in an his accent, always acknowledges me.
Since Ive been there, Ive always made negative comment on the 7 or 8 cub caps that are on the display on the back wall where the Register is. Always told that the owner put it there, they dont know anything about it. I was on the phone and talking to someone when he said hello and Noticed my SOX Jacket, he said "you like SOX?". I finished and replied yeah,
he asked me if they were good, what were they doing this year, basic stuff. I told him our Stupid Owner refused to spend the $$$ to keep team intact/Get Better and has handed the CIty over to the cubs when I REMEMBERED I DIDNT LIKE THE CAPS in the Place. I Immediately told him how Ugly that looked in his place, he was on the South Side of Chicago, and that Cub Fans and the team DONT represent what Chicago is all about. Told him they represented Greed and Conflict-of-Interest run amok,
and that the SOX were a team with better players (our own of course) He was impressed and asked what Player he should put a picture of on the wall. I told him Quickly either Thomas or Ordonez would work. Told him they were our best players. He asked where he could get some SOX stuff to put on his walls.
I named some places, including GrandStand, and he said If I brought him somethings to Display, he would Do it ASAP.
I told him remove the CUbJunk and hes got a deal. SO ive been rummaging thru all of my Sox paraphernalia and ready to DONATE a poster and a Pennant. A nice Feel-Good story for
everyone here

white sox bill
03-01-2004, 10:59 AM
Atta boy Hanger, keep spreading the gospel and maybe someday the good in Chicago will return to defeat evil

03-01-2004, 12:37 PM
If there were more people like you Hangar, this city would be a much better place.