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02-29-2004, 05:19 PM
I've seen reports that Valentin will be batting second against right handed pitchers while Lee will be batting second against left handed pitchers. From this it seems that Valentin will be platooning with Uribe. While I think this is a great idea to get Valentin out of the order against left handers(especially out of the two hole) but like some of you have pointed out, Lee has been horrible against left handed pitching.

I know I'm going to get torched for this, but I think Rowand would be a much better option in the two hole against left handed pitching.

Off left handed pitching last year Lee had a .274 OBP, and a .632 OPS. In case some of you argue that was a fluke year, since 2001, Lee's OPS against lefties is only .700. While slightly better, still not good by any means.

It would be a disaster to have two possible sub .300OBP/.700 OPS at the top of the order against lefties. I know Rowand isn't much better, but against left handed pitching he is a smarter option.

Last year, Rowand had a .380 OBP and .826 OPS against lefties. I know that is a small sample size but over his career Rowand has a .356 OBP and .819 OPS against lefties. Those are significantly better numbers than Lee. Batting in front of Thomas would probably make Rowands numbers slightly better.

I am not trying to build up Rowand in any way, I just think he is a much better option to bat second against lefties. Even Uribe might be a better option, who had a .341 OBP against lefties last year.