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02-24-2004, 09:25 PM
Excerpts from "The BallPlayers, by Shatzkin

"Broad and powerful, a natural at playing the game. A superb centerfielder with exceptional range and a rifle arm. Still shares the records for double plays by an outfielder in a season (15) and assists in a game (4). Warm, smiling, and amiable.

Once he agreed to the sinister plot, this simple man found himself in a situation he couldn't control The gamblers had a hold on him. Through threats, they forced him to throw more games during the 1920 season.

When the Black Sox scandel came out and he was barred from baseball, he was just emerging as a top power hitter, with 14 HRs in 1920."

1920 Stats:
Ave.338 RBI 115 HR 14 BB